According to reports on Q 96.1 FM this morning, a family member found the horrendous murder scene about 9:30 pm Wednesday night and called 911. Two adult males and a young boy were stabbed to death. The boy, reported to be between the ages of 9 and 11, was the son of one of the victims. Early reports listed two deceased victims of the attack, but later reports indicated there were three deceased individuals. The remains will be transported to Augusta later today for autopsys.

This afternoon State Police identified the victims as Jeff Ryan 55, his 10 year old son Jessie Ryan, and their neighbor Jason DeHahn 30.

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A bereaved mother is begging for public's help to find the killer of Jesse Ryan, her 10 year old son.

The triple murder may be one of the worst in the state's history. The discovery of two men and a 10 year old boy stabbed to death in the Route 1 home has not just shocked and frightened residents in Amity; it has angered many too.

Today's Lewiston Sun Journal ( describes Jamie Merrill's anguish at being informed by Maine State Police of the murder of her son and exhusband. Young Jesse Ryan had been living in Lewiston with her since March. She pleads for the killer to come forward or if anyone knows any information, please call the State Police.

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State Police continue to search for clues in the triple slaying which occurred Wednesday on Route 1 in Amity. The remains of the burned out pickup, stolen from the Ryan residence at the time of the murders, was found in Weston by out of state landowners up for a visit. Police are seeking the driver of the pickup in connection with the murders of 10 year old Jesse Ryan, his father Jeff Ryan, and family friend Jason DeHahn. Memorial crosses and flowers sit beside the side of the road in front of the light green trailer where the slayings occurred.

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6/30/2010 - 7/01/2010

An arrest has been made today in the murders of Jesse and Jeff Ryan and Jason DeHahn. Maine State Police have charged Thayne Ormsby, 20, of Orient with three counts of murder. Ormsby was arrested in Dover, NH on a fugitive from justice charge.

WAGM Channel 8 Evening News reported that the State Police are searching areas of Amity, Orient, and Weston based on evidence they have gathered. Investigators have worked tirelessly on solving this terrible crime that has kept Amity residents locking their doors.

The Bangor Daily News reports that a search warrant had been served on the Route One home of Robert Strout in Orient this morning. The State Police Evidence Team and several detectives are searching for evidence connecting him with the crime. He is the father of Tamara Strout, Ryan's former girlfriend.

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Police believe they may have found the knife used in the triple homicide on Route One last week. Police have been searching a bog, along the East side of Route One in Orient.The bog is located down the road from the Robert Strout residence. Ormsby admitted that Strout drove him to the bog where he threw the knife into the water. Search teams and divers waded through mud, chest high grass clumps and muddy brook bottoms diligently searching and were rewarded for their efforts by finding a knife they hope is the murder weapon.

Reports late last night on various news and media outlets stated that it was the murder weapon, but they have since removed both the pictures and stories from their online news. They are now saying it is unclear if the knife Police found is connected to this case.

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The investigation into the slaying of three Amity residents continues. Little orange flags can be seen fluttering in the breeze at the bog on Route One in Orient, locally known as Scagrock, marking spots State Police have searched for the weapon used to murder three Amity residents.

The Bangor Daily News reports that Jake DeHahn, brother of murder victim Jason DeHahn, said that Jeff Ryan had words with Ormsby in June. Ormsby was reportedly dating 16 year old Mariah Ryan. Ryan did not want the 20 year old Ormsby around his 16 year old daughter. Ormsby reportedly planned to live with Mariah Ryan and her mother, Tamara Strout in Strout's home in Weston.

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An article taken from the Daily Bulldog gives John Frary's account of the Thayne Ormsby he knew. It is rather long and you can view the entire statement at Daily Bulldog. The Bulldog is a Franklin County newspaper.

According to the article, Ormsby was one of three live in aides that worked for Frary, of Farmington, when he ran for Congress in 2008. Frery describes Ormsby as one of three homeless men he took in to help out on his campaign for Rep. Mike MIchaud's seat in 2008. Ormsby stayed on after the election while the other two men left. Ormsby talked about joining the Marines, but always found excuses for not going to see a recruiter. Frary claims he never suspected Ormsby could do something like this.

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Amity residents, recovering from the shock and horror of the gruesome murder of two men and a 10 year old boy, are reacting with anger that none of the murder's accomplices have been arrested or charged.

Residents cannot understand why none of the Robert Strout family have been taken into custody after confessing to helping accused murderer Thayne Ormsby dispose of evidence and flee the state. The description by police of Robert Strout as a key witness in the crime has residents asking why they need Strout's testimony if the killer has confessed.

Many residents feel the Strout's are "in it up to their necks, all of them" and are expressing their outrage that nothing has been done with them. A common thread in the list of complaints is that the Strout's had so many chances to turn Ormsby over to law enforcement. Instead Robert Strout decided to share a coffee with a blood soaked Ormsby immediately after the murders.

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According to the Associated Press, Thayne Ormsby waived extradition in Stafford County Court in Rochester, New Hampshire this morning. Maine State Police will return Ormsby to Maine as soon as possible.

The Aroostook Grand Jury has just been seated and Ormsby was charged with 3 counts of murder and one count of arson for burning Ryan's truck.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Strout has not been charged with any crime yet.

Amity residents will have to wait to see if any indictments are issued for Robert Strout and any others in the Strout family.


According to WAGM News Source 8, Robert Strout told the Associated Press that Ormsby said he killed Ryan over a $10,000.00 drug debt that Ryan supposedly owed to Ormsby's father.

Ormsby had been staying at the Robert Strout's Route One residence on the Orient/Amity townline and returned there after killing 55 year old Jeffery Ryan, Ryan's 10 year old son Jesse, and Jason DeHahn, a long time friend of Ryan's and an Amity native. In earlier reports, Robert Strout stated that Ormsby said he had killed Ryan because Ryan was drug dealer. He gave no motive for killing 10 year old Jesse and 30 year old Jason DeHahn.

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Today's Bangor Daily News lists the elder Robert Strout's lengthy criminal background which goes all the way back to 1966. While the two of the murder victims had minor brushes with the law, 10 year old Jesse Ryan was an innocent.

Strout's early convictions include a felony for taking a motor vehicle without consent and served three months in prison in Windham. Misdemeanors for interferring with an officer and disorderly conduct. These offenses occurred in the Ellsworth and Bar Harbor area.

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Thayne Ormsby made his first appearance in Aroostook County Superior Court before Justice E. Allen Hunter via closed circuit video according to the Bangor Daily News.

Ormsby stated he had no money for a lawyer and Justice Hunter ordered he be held without bail until next week when a hearing will be set. Attorney Jeff Pickering was appointed to represent Ormsby for Tuesday's hearing only. Justice Hunter said a bail hearing will be held within 5 days. District Attorney Neale Adams, who watched the proceedings from Caribou, said that it would be likely that Ormsby's court appointed attorney will ask for a continuance on the bail hearing. Ormsby had already filled out the necessary paperwork for a court appointed attorney.

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Shannon Ryan, son of murder victim Jeff Ryan, said in an interview with the Bangor Daily News that he still does not believe Ormsby acted alone.This echoes the sentiments of the DeHahn family who also believe that one person could not have overpowered their son, Jason DeHahn, let alone both men together.

Ryan, who visited his father's home to gather some personal items and mementos, noted signs of a struggle in the home. He staunchly denies that his father was a drug dealer as first claimed by Ormsby and Robert Strout and hearing these accusations about his father from a murderer have been especially hard.

Ryan's father took Vicodin for years for his medical condition, but did not sell drugs. A background check on the elder Ryan showed absolutely no history of any drug related offenses. Robert Strout later claimed that Ormsby committed the murders because Ryan owed a $10,000 drug related debt to a third party. One report claimed that the debt was owed to Ormsby's father.

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Many people wish they were as close to their grown children as Robert and Vicki DeHahn were.

Their children and grandchildren lived near enough to them to be daily visitors. Bobby and his two sons worked and traveled together hanging sheetrock. They exemplified the family that worked together and played together. Until that fateful day in June when stranger ripped a hole in the fabric of their family. A hole that can never be mended, made whole, or forgotten.

Three small children, Skyler, Jake, and Isabella no longer have their loving and doting father. A devoted wife, Crystal, lost her hard working life partner, and a loving father and mother, Bobby and Vicki, lost their son in what amounted to the blink of an eye.

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Ormsby sat quietly in Houlton Court this afternoon flanked by seven deputys and court officers. He turned and stared as the family and friends of the victims filed into the courtroom. He stared placidly at the crowd as anxious court officials prowled the room looking for cell phones or pagers.

Ormsby, sporting several days growth of beard, kept looking at the courtroom full of supporters and blinking as if not believing so many people would care. He carefully looked away from the crowd of cameras and reporters that were lined up across the room from him.

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According to an informed source, Robert Strout, 63, was arrested at 4 pm at his home in Orient on a Class B charge of Hindering Apprehension and Class A Arson. Both are felony offenses; the first Class B is punishable with up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine. The Class A Arson is punishable with 30 years in jail and $50,000 fine. He is held on $20,000 cash or $100,000 surety bail. If Strout is unable to make bail he is scheduled to appear in court Monday.

A call to Detective John Cote, of the Maine State Police, this evening is awaiting a response.

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Robert Strout was able to make the lower bail conditions imposed by Justice Bernard O'Mera and released Monday afternoon after pleading "Not Guilty" to the charges against him. Part of Strout's bail conditions are that he have no contact with the victim's families.

Arrested at 4 pm Friday and at 4 pm on Monday Strout was free to return to his home, which is 7/10th of a mile from the murder scene, to have a cup of coffee with his family perhaps.

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This terrible tragedy ended with the killer in prison serving three life sentences. Robert Strout was not charged in this case

The victims will always be remembered in the hearts of friends, family, and all the people whose life's they so lovingly touched.

All Charges were dropped on Robert Strout. However, Robert Strout did serve two years for selling opiates to his grandson in a separate case. Strout's wife died while he was in jail.