Ormsby pleads "Not Guilty"


Ormsby sat quietly in Houlton Court this afternoon flanked by seven deputys and court officers. He turned and stared as the family and friends of the victims filed into the courtroom. He stared placidly at the crowd as anxious court officials prowled the room looking for cell phones or pagers.

Ormsby, sporting several days growth of beard, kept looking at the courtroom full of supporters and blinking as if not believing so many people would care. He carefully looked away from the crowd of cameras and reporters that were lined up across the room from him.

Ormsby was repersented by two lawyers, Dunleavy and LeClaire, both of Presque Isle.When asked if Ormsby understood the charges against him, Dunleavy responded that Ormsby did.

Ormsby only spoke when Justice E. Allen Hunter asked for his plea on all counts. Ormsby leaned forward to the microphone and softly said, "Not Guilty". A slight gasp of disblief from the crowd caused court officials to stand up and take notice.