Hello Debbie,

I just wanted to let you know that I think you have done a great job on this site. I really enjoyed all the history, much of which I never knew. I still have more to read. I will also enjoy being able to keep up with what is going on by reading your updates. You guys have really done a LOT of work here. I too, appreciate all the work you have done here.

Thank You,

Cleve Hall


Hello Amity,

I just wanted to say Congratulation to my Dad, Glenn Williams who was voted in as Selectman for the next three years. Wish I was still a resident so that I could of voted for him. Amity did a good thing when they voted him in. He is a respectable, honest, and hardworking man who will be a huge benefit to the Town of Amity.

Congratulations Amity you voted in one of the best,

Renee Williams Gray

( Resident of Amity for 20+ years )



On April 3rd and 4th 2009, Members of the Reed School Committee helped man the Vital Pathways booth at the Home and Garden Show held at the Miller Civic Center in Houlton. The committee would like to thank Vital Pathways for the "Accent on Assets" mini grant awarded to the Reed School Project and for the opportunity to give our project so much exposure by being included in their booth. We look forward to working closely with Vital Pathways in the future.


To Amity Matters:

I have contemplated an appropriate forum for this message for a while now, and just recently learned of the Amity Matters web site. I grew up in Amity with Darrell Williams. He came from a hard working and respectable family who lived in the town for years. He was raised and went to school with many of the residents who continue to live and work in the town today. It's one thing to steal and deceive a stranger, but quite another to take from the very people who helped to raise and nurture you Darrell. Anyone who grows up in a small town, such as Amity, knows community and feels deeply the struggles and sacrifices that the community makes in order to survive. To take from those who you grew up with and who supported you and your family is inexcusable. I hope that you spends a good long time behind bars with plenty of opportunity to reflect on what you have taken from your family and from the Town of Amity.

Apparently, the God Darrell prays to and the religion he affiliates with is different than the one the rest of us was raised with because the commandments in my Bible say "thou shalt not steal," "thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor" and "honor thy father and mother." Shame on you Darrell Williams....you owe the Town of Amity and your family much, much better than this.

Karen Farrar Ledger



Thank you Debbie and Larry for putting the information on the DeHahn Family Trust on your website for that need is greatly needed here.

You guys are great, it makes me feel glad to have caring people that I can call on when needed.

Again loads of thanks.

Margaret Frye



Hi Debbie,

I want to compliment you on the wonderful job you guys have done on the web site. It is just fantastic. I know all the hard work you have put into it, and I for one appreciate it and say "a special Thank You".

I will be visiting often to see the updates.Good Luck,



We received this letter from resident Eric Howell that expresses his concern on, what I think is, a very significant issue. He brings up very important points concerning the safety of our children and everyone that lives on the Lycette Road. Thank you, Eric, for taking the time out of your busy day to express your concerns, Amity Matters is very pleased to publish your letter.

Hi Everyone,

I just want to take this time to ask all the people who travel our roads, whatever happened to being aware of other people's lives? I say this because since when do people need to drive so fast on our roads. Why, do we need to go 10 to 15 mph faster than the designated speed limit? What is the difference between 2 to 3 minutes? Because, 2 or 3 minutes is all the time that we are making up by going that fast. Is it going to take one of our children (my daughter is down here on occasion) to get killed or injured? Do we need to lose our pets, before we slow down?

I work at home across from my dad's place on the Lycette Rd. On more than a regular basis, people are flying by my home. On one end of the straightaway you have the hill peek, on the other you have a turn that my neighbor lives on and in the middle you have "School Buses" coming with children to view the animals and learn something about our wild world. Do these children need to be part of an accident waiting to happen? When are we going to learn?

Please, for the sake of all living things, drivers included. Let's spread the word and at least make our little town of Amity a safer place to live. Our lives are crazy (even mine), but why not leave a little earlier? Go to bed a little earlier so you get your rest. This way you don't need to fly. Flying is for planes not our little ole back roads. Our lives are short enough, please slow down...

Thank you for taking the time to read my views,


Eric Howell


Note from the Webmaster:

Please look at the August Selectmen's minutes, there is a reference to this problem and it was voted 3-0 to allow a reduced speed zone in this area. Town Manager, Darrell Williams clarified that the Selectmen voted to allow a reduced speed limit of 25 mph past the Spruce Acres Refuge and Education Center. The Selectmen offered to provide the signs and Mr. Howell wanted to purchase them himself saving the taxpayers money. The Selectmen agreed to this. I apologize for any confusion from the previous posting.

I do know that the State Police have been patrolling this area. I stopped beside the road in Cary one morning on my way to school to see if I had forgotten some papers I needed for my class, sure enough I had. A State Police Officer went by going south on the Calais Road. I turned around to retrieve the work I had forgotten at home. When I started down the hill on the Lycette Road, the Officer was turning around in Eric's driveway. Since I was driving the posted speed limit, 40 miles per hour, it was not a problem. So we know the area is patrolled at times and I'm sure if you are speeding, you will be ticketed for it.

Larry Hamilton