The Reed School Committee is putting together a muti prize raffle with prizes donated by area businesses. We hope to have the tickets available for sale by July 1 or before. The drawing will take place at Potato Feast days In Houlton in August. WE hope thar this will be a good fundraiser for the school project. After July first you may contact any committee member to get tickets if you wish to buy or sell some tickets for this project.

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The Reed School Committee worked very hard to get the school registered on the National Register of Historic Places. The school was placed on the list on November 21, 2001.The school project is moving along great. While it does not look as though anything is happening at the school, there is a lot being done in the background to prepare for seeking out grant funds. We have over $7,000.00 raised toward the project so far.

The Reed School Committee elected Ralph Bickford as the Chairman in the recent election of officers. Our new Chairman has lots of fresh ideas and with Ralph's lively sense of humor, the committee's work will proceed with much laughter.

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Larry wrote a grant for the Accent on Assets Mini Grant from Vital Pathways and we have received $250.00 which was used to secure the services of Salvunus Doughty Architecture out of Portland. Salvunus will be doing a facilities survey for us. This will open the door to more funding from other sources. Mr Doughty's services will not exceed $2,900.00 compared to the $15,000.00 price we had

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