Update on Williams' Case:

Update on Williams' Case


As of today, the case against Amity's former Town Manager is scheduled on the court docket for Wednesday, the 29th, at 9:00 am. This is Darrell Williams final chance for a plea agreement, if no agreement is reached, Justice Hunter stated he would entertain no further negotiations, and the case would move forward to trial.

Amity Matters encourages all the residents of Amity to attend the court session if they are able. On the 16th, the Judge noticed and the DA seemed encouraged by the residents that attended.

This crime was committed against the taxpayer's of our Town, and everyone was hit in their pocketbook. Please attend and show that stealing from a town's coffers is not a victimless crime.

If you enter the courthouse through the Military Street door, turn left and go upstairs. Go straight ahead and partway down the hall you will find an elevator on the right. If you bring along a cushion, the seat's not too hard.