New Veteran's Honor Roll Flag

A new Flag has been raised at the Veteran's Honor Roll

Slow down a bit as you pass the North Amity Cemetery on Route 1 and take a look at the new flag flying over the Veteran's Honor Roll This flag has been raised and flown over the capitol of the United States. The 5x8 foot flag is a very generous gift from Rep. Bruce Poliquin's office.

Amity resident Larry Hamilton noticed the old flag, which had become quite tattered from catching on the overhanging branches of a nearby oak tree, had been removed. Someone had already helped themselves to the light at the base of the pole shortly after the flag and pole was put up and Veteran's Day was fast approaching.

Hamilton, whose father was a World War II veteran, has always been a strong supporter of our veterans. He found a solar powered light for the top of the pole, purchased it and donated it to the Honor Roll While looking for a new flag, he remembered that Rep. Bruce Poliquin's web site offered flags that had been flown over the capitol in Washington D.C. Hamilton called the office in Bangor and the office called and made arrangements to get a flag.

Flag CertificateA very special Thank You to Kim Rohn from Rep Poliquin's office for being so helpful. Just two days after contacting her, the beautiful new flag was waving proudly over the Veteran's Honor Roll

At Monday's Selectman's meeting Hamilton presented the Selectmen with the certificate accompanying the flag stating the flag was flown over the Capitol for the North Amity Cemetery. The certificate can be seen at the town office. The Selectmen agreed to trim back the overhanging branches from the Oak tree that damaged the previous flag as soon as they could.

Amity Matters would like to thank all who have served our country because we know Freedom is never Free.