Investigation Continues


The investigation into the slaying of three Amity residents continues. Little orange flags can be seen fluttering in the breeze at the bog on Route One in Orient, locally known as Scagrock, marking spots State Police have searched for the weapon used to murder three Amity residents.

The Bangor Daily News reports that Jake DeHahn, brother of murder victim Jason DeHahn, said that Jeff Ryan had words with Ormsby in June. Ormsby was reportedly dating 16 year old Mariah Ryan. Ryan did not want the 20 year old Ormsby around his 16 year old daughter. Ormsby reportedly planned to live with Mariah Ryan and her mother, Tamara Strout in Strout's home in Weston.

WGME 13 News reports that while staying in Dover, New Hampshire with Robert Strout II, Ormsby told a neighbor that he was an alcoholic. He also stated that when he drinks he gets vicious. Ormsby still has not given a reason for killing Jason DeHahn and 10 year old Jesse Ryan.

The Foster's Daily Democrat of New Hampshire reports Dover Police had been alerted that Ormsby was a suspect in the slayings and Maine State Police had asked for their help in the case. Ormsby reportedly came to the station on his own and while there, enough probable cause was found to issue a warrant from Maine. He was arrested for Fugitive from Justice charges in the station. Ormsby is being held in Stafford County Jail with no bail and will be arraigned on Tuesday. He can either agree to or fight extradition to Maine to face the three murder charges.

Many Amity residents question why none of the Strouts have been charged since they admitted their involvement in the savage murders. State Police say they are following the trail of evidence and if the evidence supports it; there may be more charges as progress is made in the investigation