Strout Claims Ormsby Killed Ryan over $10,000.00 Drug Debt


According to WAGM News Source 8, Robert Strout told the Associated Press that Ormsby said he killed Ryan over a $10,000.00 drug debt that Ryan supposedly owed to Ormsby's father.

Ormsby had been staying at the Robert Strout's Route One residence on the Orient/Amity townline and returned there after killing 55 year old Jeffery Ryan, Ryan's 10 year old son Jesse, and Jason DeHahn, a long time friend of Ryan's and an Amity native. In earlier reports, Robert Strout stated that Ormsby said he had killed Ryan because Ryan was drug dealer. He gave no motive for killing 10 year old Jesse and 30 year old Jason DeHahn.

Robert Strout is said to have taken Ormsby to Tamara Strout's house in Weston to clean up after the murders and burn his bloody clothes.Tamara Strout had told police that she and Ryan had rekindled their relationship recently and he had asked her to marry him. A statement that Ryan's 35 year old son, Shannon Ryan of Texas, was quick to dismiss.

Ormsby claimed he planned to fix up Tamara Strout's home and live there with Ryan's 16 year old daughter Mariah and her mother Tamara Strout. Tamara Strout has been described as a long time friend of Ormsby's mother Maria Ormsby. Ormsby's father has not stepped forward in any way.

Strout returned to Weston and picked up Ormsby at his daughter Tamara's house; then followed Ormsby to the Cifelli lot in Weston where Ormsby burned Ryan's pickup. Ormsby had stolen the pickup at the time of the murders.

Two days later, Strout drove Ormsby to Robert Strout II's apartment in Dover N.H. where Strout II's boyfriend gave Ormsby a haircut to hide his burned hair. Ormsby was found at Strout II's and called in for questioning.

Robert Strout claims Ormsby had threatened his family if he did not help him cover up the crime and escape.

Ormsby was returned to Houlton today where he will remain in the Aroostook County Jail. Ormsby's next court appearance will be Wednesday, July 21, in Houlton where he will be appointed an attorney.