Ormsby's First Court Appearance


Thayne Ormsby made his first appearance in Aroostook County Superior Court before Justice E. Allen Hunter via closed circuit video according to the Bangor Daily News.

Ormsby stated he had no money for a lawyer and Justice Hunter ordered he be held without bail until next week when a hearing will be set. Attorney Jeff Pickering was appointed to represent Ormsby for Tuesday's hearing only. Justice Hunter said a bail hearing will be held within 5 days. District Attorney Neale Adams, who watched the proceedings from Caribou, said that it would be likely that Ormsby's court appointed attorney will ask for a continuance on the bail hearing. Ormsby had already filled out the necessary paperwork for a court appointed attorney.

A major change in the case was noted that the victims were murdered on the 22nd of July not the 23rd as first thought. All three victims were last seen alive about 6 pm on the 22nd. A neighbor reported he saw Ryan's truck in the driveway at 7:30 am on the 23rd. When he returned at 10 am the truck was gone.

Despite so many conflicting stories, which change which ever way the wind blows, police are still working very hard to put all the pieces of this puzzle together to get a complete picture of the tragedy.

Ormsby will be arrainged on July 21st at 1 pm.