July 2017 Selectmen's Meeting



Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Selectpersons of the Town of Amity, held at the Town Office

 July 10, 2017

 Present: Glenn Williams, Joseph P. Ledger, Pat Miller, Selectmen,

Margaret Frye, Town Manager, Joe Lehman


  1. Meeting opened at 6 PM by Glenn Williams.

  2. Minutes of last meeting were read and accepted.
  1. The Treasurers Warrants for June 2017 was approved and signed.
  1. The Bank Statements were opened, signed and approved.
  1. The Selectmen said that the Town doesn’t need a Stop Ahead Sign on the Estabrook Road on the Route 1 side, because the Stop Sign is visable.
  1. The Selectmen said to roll over the CD’s.
  1. Milton Cone told Margaret that the Fire Department and Ambulance would attempt to get to any place in Amity, the best they could.
  1. Joe is going to check with Steelstone about Hot Topping the culverts on Lycette Road.
  1. Meeting closed at 7 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Margaret Frye, Town Manager