November 2018 Meeting



November 5, 2018


Present: Glenn Williams, Edward Estabrook, Pat Miller, Selectmen,

Margaret Frye, Town Manager, and Stephanie McGary, incoming Town Manager.


  1. Meeting opened at 6 PM by Glenn Williams.

  2. Minutes of October 1, 2018 meeting were read and accepted.

  3. The Treasurers Warrants were approved and signed.

  4. The Bank Statements and correspondence were opened, signed and approved.

  5. Salt sand is mixed and 30 tons of salt was saved out in case of real bad ice this coming winter.

  6. The Taxes aren’t done yet, Shirley has problems with her computer and she lost all of 2017 information.

  7. The Selectmen asked the Town Manager to look into putting three tax acquired properties up for bid.

  8. Meeting closed at 7:25 PM


Respectfully Submitted,


Margaret Frye, Town Manager