January 2020 Meeting




January 13th, 2020



Present: Glenn Williams, Edward Estabrook, Pat Miller, Selectmen,

and Stephanie McGary, Town Manager, Floyd Boyett, citizen.


  1. Meeting opened at 6 PM by Glenn Williams.
  2. Minutes of November 18th, 2019 meeting were read and accepted. (No meeting in month of December.)
  3. The Treasurers Warrant was approved and signed.
  4. The Bank Statements and correspondence were opened, signed and approved.
  5. Floyd Boyett, citizen, asked the Selectmen to consider the recreational sale of marijuana in the town. He requested a letter of approval from the town to do so. The Selectmen told Floyd they would discuss and get back to him regarding this topic.
  6. The Selectmen asked Stephanie to make the last payment on the sand shed loan.
  7. The Selectman asked that the Town Meeting date and time of Saturday, April 25th, at 9 am be shared on Facebook.
  8. The Presentation from Sarah Strickland (Great East Grand Region Economic Plan Committee) was rescheduled for a later date due to weather.
  9. Meeting closed at 7:22 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Stephanie McGary, Town Manager